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    Product Key Tool: Unable to open MSDM table!

    That's right. So am I resigned to getting it off the ISO \sources\pid.txt? Wait a minute- that probably won't have it either, as I used the Windows STORE to upgrade my old win8 to 8.1... Now I have to hunt down my old Win8 .iso files... Further recollections! I upgraded Win-7 and Win-Vista...
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    Product Key Tool: Unable to open MSDM table!

    Yep. That's the message I got when I tried to read my Windows 8.1 Product Key. Any ideas? Incidentally, I'm running Win 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 booted through GRUB. As well I have an "older" Mainboard- Its AWARD BIOS does not have the newer EFI support.
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    Multi-Boot: XP, Ubuntu Linux

    Multi-booting XP-Home and Ubuntu 9.10 (GRUB2) Well, here it is, 2010... and I am re-opening a 3-year old thread... :@ I have an XP system (re-installed) on which I have added Ubuntu 9.10 into its own partition. Note: NO VISTA is currently on this system. Currently, If I boot directly from...