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    Issues with MacOSX entries & proposed workaround

    Hello, my config is HP m9775fr with 2 HDD 1 for os, 1 for datas I installed mac os x on my hp m9775fr using iboot, works like a charm ! i installed windows 7 (i can still boot to os x using iboot cd) i am now trying to use easybcd to boot to windows 7 or mac os x a) i succeeded to do so on a...
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    Triple Boot OSX, W7 , fail after Ubuntu 11.04 install

    So i successfully installed OS X and Windows 7 (64bits) on my PC, Booting on OSX or W7 using EasyBCD works like a charm. Things get complicated when i install Ubuntu 11.04 (64bits) Finishing Ubuntu install, reboot and get the GRUB menu when i select Windows 7 i get this screen ...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone !