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    Windows 8 and EasyBCD

    Hey. When you install Windows 8 onto a secondary HDD (not tested primary yet...), after the installation process, boot into your primary. Win8 bootloader appears. Choose Win7. PC resets then boots Win7. (To be honest, I loathe the Win8 bootloader: the reboots). After Win7 shows, do an...
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    Tri-Booting 1 Win with 2 Linuxes

    I have posted a link to a said post on the Ubuntu forums, but that comment is awaiting moderation on here. Basically: PC boots into Windows-only drive. Windows Bootloader: Windows7, Ubuntu, kubuntu. GRUBs are being edited: Two unique GRUBs showing two different images and different color...
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    Tri-Booting 1 Win with 2 Linuxes

    I haven't clarified what I meant, sorry. I can boot into Windows bootloader: it's the only OS on one disk... but the Linuxes are on another disk. Another post I made about it is over here: [all variants] Tri-Booting via WinBootMgr, but only one GRUB - Ubuntu Forums
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    Tri-Booting 1 Win with 2 Linuxes

    Bascially, I'm trying to get EasyBCD to point to my Ubuntu and kubuntu installs. Ubuntu is on sdb2, when kubuntu is on sdb5, but no matter what I do, it always boots to Ubuntu's GRUB!!! Note that sdb2 and sdb5 are /boot's and that's where the bootloaders are installed. But I do not want one...