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    Is there a way to boot recoverz env. from usb ?

    well, if you have a USB stick and a Windows CD. You can make a bootable OS USB. For XP: 1) Download USB_Prep8 2)Download and put PeToUSB inside USB_Prep8 Directory > Click Start Formatting (Format your USB) 3) Locate Bootsect.exe inside your XP disk should be under BOOT folder. Type Bootsect...
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    Fixing Vista Boot Partition

    Fixing Vista Boot Partition <SOLVED> hi, I just bought one of those Dell Mini as a small spare system. I am having trouble fixing the boot parition for Vista. I managed to create a bootable Vista and XP on USB. Load it and repaired startup fine. I also checked the bcdedit which points to C...
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    Problem after Changing partition for XP + Vista

    hi, I followed the thread below everything seems to be working now I can properly boot XP+Vista. But if I remove EasyBCD would it affect the way it boots for XP+Vista? thanks Dual Booting Win XP SP2 Vista RC1 on 2 Hard Drives - Page 2 - The NeoSmart Forums