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    Cool Website

    Thanks Terry, this has turned out to be a very interesting thread. I saw the Mars video via Wired mag yesterday. Much hard work by the Finnish filmmaker Jan Fröjdman to convert this.
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    EasyBCD and UEFI_MBR dual Boot

    how about going 'all GPT' ? One maybe could convert the MBR drive to GPT using MiniTool Partition Wizard or similar, Would that help?
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    The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment

    Hi Jim, as they say 'you shouldn't believe everything you hear'. I don't trust Mr Hearns to be unbiased after his XT bid was overturned, but good luck to him in his new role advising a consortium of bankers how to incorporate the blockchain into their backend ops. I shall be disappointed if...
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    Dual boot W7 & Win Embedded XP

    Hi Neojoe, I've often heard it said that the XP partition should be first and the W7 partition second. So backup both O.S.s off separately, clear the target drive, get XP on first and working, then put W7 onto the drive. Probably BCD will then work. As you are not installing from scratch, you...