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    Seems like a lot of us can't get EasyRE to boot up.

    I just tried the EasyRE for Windows 10. I got the same result. Boots up with two Entries. Select either one and screen goes dark and flashes some info. Tried both a Dvd and USB boot disk. Both didn't work. I think it may be my system which is a mix mash of 4 drives, Windows 10 Insider builds...
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    Triple Boot

    I tried what you suggested and no small partition was found. That would have been too easy.
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    Triple Boot

    My system consists of WinXP, Win7 and Yoper Linux. I have grub installed on the mbr. So far everything works fine except when I get the choose Windows I get the Win7 Bootloader Manager which is all fine. But, I went to change the default OS in that Menu I cannot access the BLM to edit it...