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    Dual boot 7/8.1 with Windows 10

    I can set EasyBCD 2.2 to set W7 or W8.1 as the default OS, but when I boot into W10 it just takes over the boot process, so to get back to 7 or 8.1 you have to back out W10 to get to these other OS's. W10 seems to install its own boot manager that takes ever the boot process. W7 + W10 on one...
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    Lost my second drive that had W7 on it.

    Dual boot system and was trying to do a Repair install of XP but no repair option given, so use esBCD 2.2 to remove the W7 boot option, now Windows XP no longer sees the 2 partition 750Gb hard drive that was used by W7. I thought I might use the recovery option to fix the boot and the MBR, but...
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    Re-installing Windows 7

    Hi Terry I will be deleting the Windows 7 folder and will be doing a clean install, so are you saying that I dont have to reset the Dual boot back to XP.. As I thought that the Dual boot Info was stored in the Win7 Windows directory or the Partition that its on. The Boot folder is on the...
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    Re-installing Windows 7

    Thanks I found that my post was renamed and moved. What I need is the Info to remove Win 7 as easyBCD 2 is not the same as V1.7, easyBCD 2 does not have a "Manage Bootloader" Like Uninstall the Vista Bootloader, or is this replaced with Install the Windows XP Bootloader to the MBR, then...
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    Re-installing Windows 7

    Hi New User Dual boot XP/W7 both on the same drive, but with W7 on a shared partition. I need to remove Win7 so that I can reinstall it, I have the info how to do that with easyBCD 1.7 but a lot of things have changed in v2 as no "Manage Bootloader." Quote from 1.7: "All you have to do...