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    Unsuccessful boot of cloned drive from Windows 7

    Just jumping in to comment... I didn't realize Windows now allowed a fixed disk to have A: for a drive letter. I assumed it was still reserved A: and B: for the floppy drive(s). Is this common? Nevermind, I see now you can if you don't have a floppy... sorry.
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    How I can create a menu system recovery(OEM) where configure EasyBCD I use N.Ghost?

    The menu entry would be the easy part. As far as a recovery partition, you could probably make a Linux partition, customize a Linux with Ghost for Linux and your backup image, but that's just one idea. Research this. In that case just use the normal method EasyBCD provides for booting Linux...
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    Vista recovery disc - can't find hard disks

    Yes, how did you give them to your recovery system? In other words, remind me what Vista recovery says to do when you get to that point. For XP it was press F6 to load SATA drivers, which you had to have on a floppy. So does Vista allow a CD or USB flash drive? You might need to integrate the...
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    Will Windows 7 recovery disc work if recovery drive, apparently, is corrupt?

    He used the Super Grub Disk which can find and chainload Windows from a boot CD. I understand now what you meant by Windows 8 reset. When you boot Windows 8 it has an option to reinstall all of the Windows files like a fresh install, I suppose it is similar to a "repair install" found on older...
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    Will Windows 7 recovery disc work if recovery drive, apparently, is corrupt?

    OK great, thanks. OK the NTFS partition labeled System, right click it and see if there is a choice for "Change Drive Letter and Paths", then see if you can assign it a drive letter. After that go Explorer and see if you can list the contents. It also wouldn't hurt to run a check disk on it...
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    Windows 8 and EasyBCD

    Hi, I borrowed this information from somewhere else on the web, but it certainly applies here: I ran it from inside Windows 8, interesting.... it is called the immersive boot menu.
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    Windows 8 and EasyBCD

    CG, Nice writeup! As far as Windows 8, I didn't get to see the new boot manager because I reverted back to a GRUB2 MBR, so now I am curious to see it live. Anyway, I did break the booting of my Windows 7 and 8 during my process, so I burned the W8CP to a DVD and used it to repair the booting...
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    need win xp boot from usb

    Yup, BartPE, good stuff. That's a nice concise guide. Here's the Pebuilder main site for reference Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable live windows CD/DVD Thanks Mak 2.0
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    Changing the boot drive (without using startup recovery)

    Well, it would be better if people didn't hijack each others threads, but oh well. Perhaps I misunderstood the poster, but I'm pretty sure they said they didn't have a Boot Disk which is different than not having an optical drive nor optical media, but I would contest you even need those to...
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    Will Windows 7 recovery disc work if recovery drive, apparently, is corrupt?

    Hi. Going back to your original situation. I realize from what you said it is hard to know exactly what is going on without some tool to display your partition table and other important things to possibly see what may have happened to everything on your disk. So, I would like to ask you a few...
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    Windows Vista 32-Bit Recovery Disc help!

    Refer to first post. ;) But yes, quite correct. I suppose my reasoning is, if the data is really really important to them, and they can't figure it out, and/or don't want to screw it up, they might want/need help. But, yes, it can be done for free with a Linux Live CD, certainly. Why have...
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    Installed new MOBO and now windows is asking for boot disk Vista os

    If it is a different mobo, Windows probably won't want to boot anymore because the hardware differences are too great. I've seen this before. The data should still be there. If you have another computer you could back up the data. If not, you could try the Vista repair install, but things will...
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    Changing the boot drive (without using startup recovery)

    bootsect.exe is also available as part of the The Windows® Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7, a free download from Microsoft.
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    Will Windows 7 recovery disc work if recovery drive, apparently, is corrupt?

    Any chance your boot order got changed in BIOS (if you have more than one physical HDD)? Too bad about the F11 thing not working. Yeah, sometimes if you change the partition type from the the hidden to the proper type (FAT32 or whatever it is), you can access the recovery and run it from there...
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    Dual booting Windows 8 and Ubuntu 11.10 using EasyBCD

    I thought I read the default for Win8 was hibernate using the power switch, but who knows. I hated to do it, but I made a batch file and shortcut for my start menu screen so I could more quickly access power off in W8CP. This is what I did; 1) Disabled all UAC (forever, thank you, but know...