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    The Introduction Thread

    Cyberyan, it's easy (with most) PC's & notebooks to set up a password in the BIOS. In fact, I have it set that way for me. Like yourself, it was a privacy issue, secondly I don't want anyone on either of my computers. I view lending my computers the same as lending my car, that's a no-no for me...
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    In trouble again! Need your expertise guys!

    What you can do is backup your docs, pics & other items of importance, and do a total reinstall, if you have either a reinstall disc, retail disc or recovery partition. It would be best to download the drivers for your computer from the OEM, unless your already have a driver disc. Even if you do...
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    It pays to complain !!

    If one lives in the US, EarthLink has really good deals, along with great service. They have dial up beginning at $9.95/month. Their cable internet package is their best deal, $29.95/month for 768Kbps (everyday price). $29.95/month for 6 months, then $41.95/month thereafter for up to 6.0 to...
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    NeoSmart's Vista recovery disk

    Just so happens that I have this repair disc too. Haven't had to use it, but who knows, one can never have enough tools on hand these days. Cat
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    The Introduction Thread

    For me, I first discovered NeoSmart Technologies shortly after Win 7 was released, I found a link in a NeoSmart article where I could download repair discs for the new OS. At the time, it was a straight download, then it became a torrent, I'm unsure of the status today. But I still have the...
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    OEM partition

    Every make is different, but I know that I can restore my factory drivers & programs on my HP w/o doing a reinstall. Although I do prefer to do a fresh reinstall at least once a year. For those who are considering deleting the partition, be sure to back it up first, and burn your recovery...
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    Warning about Hitman 3.x AV

    Fortunately, I didn't have any negative issues with the latest Hitman Pro trial, in both the 32 & 64 bit versions. I had it installed on XP Pro x64, XP Media Center x32 & Win 7 Pro x64. Found a ton of tracking cookies, but that was all. Actually, SuperAntiSpyware does an excellent job of...
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    NTLDR is missing

    What causes this? I've had this happen when trying to boot from a install disc. Also, I've had this to happen when deleting a partition, and haven't done a repair yet. But booting from the CD/DVD, I don't understand that part. Cat