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    Please HELP - Now getting "Other User" login in Windows Vista

    Gee JohnPen68, it's only been since September 2012 and no reply. Big surprise. It's all our fault for not making a restore disk, buying EasyRe, and believing we could get our computer back for $9.00, and restoring the "wrong" restore point. I downloaded and did a USB temporary install of Ubunto...
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    Mysterious "Other User" login, no such domain

    Perhaps then you should not call the product you are selling a Windows Vista Recovery disk, as you are not able to recover functionality of Vista just using your product. There is nothing in the sales side of the transaction to tell you that you are installing a Linux based system. Pretty...
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    Mysterious "Other User" login, no such domain

    The machine I am trying to get to boot properly is my daughter's Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop running Vista 32-bit Home version which had just started failing to log in to Windows. It would show the logon profile names, and when log on name and password were entered and clicked the WIndows log in...