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    iReboot, system tray, tick on wrong partition.

    I've got 4 bootable partitions on my machine. 2 of them are Windows 10 and the others are other versions. I've renamed each of them in EasyBCD but IReboot has problems identifying which partition I'm currently booted into on it's context menu in the system tray. EasyBCD seems to be able to...
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    iReboot not working in Windows 8 - icon won't stay is system notification tray

    thanks, it worked Hi I also had the problem that IReboot works on both my windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit partitions but NOT on my windows 8. IReboot crashes on its startup. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled as per your instructions and it now works fine. Weird. Thanks
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    cannot download from neosmart website

    Hi Terry I'm accessing the site via my home network. I do have popup, WebOfTrust and ad blockers running. I just accessed the dowloads section of neosmart directly. Maybe the download section just hates me and tdushane :p
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    cannot download from neosmart website

    I have the same problem as yourself tdushane (the other responders to your thread seem to be going completely off topic). I was trying to download IReboot. I've tried in both IE and Firefox. With IE, I click the download button and nothing happens. In Firefox, I get a confirmation dialog to...