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    Win 7 / XP dualboot EasyBCD use

    Hi, I have a Win 7 Premium install on one physical disk. I intend to create a dual-boot system with XP. Will I have to install EasyBCD on the XP partition once created? I believe that I will not be able to boot into Win 7 as the XP install will overwrite the Win 7 MBR, so will I be configuring...
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    XP partition on Win7 question

    OK, many thanks for that. Should I use EasyBCD v2.0 beta or the earlier stable version for doing this. And would i be ok using either the bootable recovery disk for Win 7 I've downloaded from this site or the Win 7 RC disk if i have to follow the second option in the above reply. I don't have...
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    XP partition on Win7 question

    Hi, I recently performed a clean install of Win 7 Home Premium over a Vista Home Premium install. I now realise that i should have installed Win 7 as a dual-boot with Vista but that is now impossible as I don't have the Vista disk. Anyway I can't play some of my games on Win 7 and as i do have a...