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    Dual boot windows 7 and OS X

    If you have OSX on another hard drive that has the guid partition table you need to add a fat32 or ntfs partition to the hard drive for it to work. I am no expert but that is how I got it to work. The best thing to do imo is to install mac os to an MBR disk. There are guides on how to do this...
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    how to dual boot Win 7 and Snow Leopard?

    It works. I used beta 68 and added macos as mbr and it worked without configuring anything. Mac OS X is on a USB hard drive and Windows 7 is on a raid 0 array. It wasn't working before but this time I had an edited and it worked perfect.
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    W7/XP but XP freezes during boot

    What is the point of a dual boot of XP and Win 7? Basically everything you could do in XP can be done in Win 7 and the Premium version has the XP mode.
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    Attempting to dualboot Win7/Snow Leo

    That is the furthest I have gotten with this also. Still hoping for a way to get this working .
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    how to dual boot Win 7 and Snow Leopard?

    I have been searching forever on how to get this done but cannot find any guides or one that works. I have two hard drives in a Raid 0 array with Windows 7 and Snow Leopard is installed on a USB hard drive. I can boot Snow leopard by doing F12 to select the Boot drive but no matter what i try...
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    OSX Retail, Win7, XP - TrippleBoot

    I have been trying to get this working forever. I have tried every setting I could think of and I either get a grubdos screen or I get a Darwinloading screen that goes no where. What is causing it to not work?