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    Vista on Main Notebook HDD & Linux on USB HDD

    Also, you may want to make sure that your motherboard supports booting from usb, its an unfortunately uncommon feature these days.
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    Vista and XP on two drives

    @Computer Guru: I'm not sure what you mean by the second EasyBCD screen, and when he tries to make the XP entry as the F: Drive it won't save it as such. @Frustrated: He has two physical HDDs, he went out and bought another one a week or so ago. EDIT: After some clarification (sp) from him...
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    XP-Vista-Linux: Partitioning/Installing questions

    What I would do is set up three partitions like you suggested, but only install linux and xp on two of them, and leave the third one for vista. I would just use the two. Use Gparted or another boot disc to create the partitioning scheme. When you do get vista, use easybcd and set it up like...
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    Vista and XP on two drives

    Hello, my friend is having some trouble with EasyBCD. He installed it, installed XP on the second drive, both are visible. He says he tried to add the xp entry and select it as F, (Vista is on C:). He says it saves it as C despite everything. He can access the drive in Windows Explorer, but...