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    XP fails to connect to Internet

    As Terry60 and Computer Guru may remember, I installed XP Pro SP2 without problems. Btw, I can dual-boot without any problems. The current problem I have now is trying to connect to the Internet on XP. I tried setting up different things but they all don't work. Also, I did not get an ISP CD...
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    Vista with XP Dual Boot! EasyBCD Problem!

    I tried looking at mine and get the same thing. I think you need to hit the button that says "Change Settings." Look under "Entry-Based Settings" and it says "Choose an OS to change the associated settings." Open the drop-down menu, click on the XP one, open the drop-down menu for the Drive and...
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    Vista Dual-Booting with XP upgrading from 98

    Well, I already installed Windows XP Pro SP2 using a different CD. It worked and I was able to operate within XP, changed some entries with BCD, rebooted, booted into Vista with no problem, rebooted to see if I could boot back into XP. I couldn't boot into either one, so I used the Vista...
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    Vista Dual-Booting with XP upgrading from 98

    SP1; Version 2002 The XP Pro upgrade disk says "Includes Service pack 1" and "Version 2002". I'm currently downloading the iso. I'll burn it to a CD and boot it. Man, this is annoying. Addendum: Wow, I don't believe this. I burned the iso onto a CD-RW 700MB disk and I tried to boot it...
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    Vista Dual-Booting with XP upgrading from 98

    Can't complete XP Pro install.. & no Vista boot. Well, I got a problem..... I tried installing the XP Pro and used the 98 disk as proof. XP started copying files and it tries to reboot but that stays the same forever. I turn it off and turn it on. I get the XP Pro welcome screen and it...
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    Vista Dual-Booting with XP upgrading from 98

    I have Vista Home Premium Edition. Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard Company (HP then) Model: a1700n Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Prcoessor 4200+ 2.20GHz Memory/RAM: 894 MB System type: 32-bit Operating System I have been using this guide:Install Windows XP in a Dual Boot with...