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    windows 10 wont do multiple boot with XP and Linux on another hdd

    hi I have two hdd one with win10 and another with XP and Ubuntu (two distros). using EasyBCD 2.3 I can boot win10 and win XP from the second hdd but booting linux is impossible, I could only get flashing screens. Any help is welcome! Dimlog
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    boot windows but not ubuntu

    Hi I have easybcd 2.3 on Windows 10 laptop (IDE) with an extra disk on cd place. In this extra disk I have already installed windows xp and Ubuntu. When starting from this extra disk in its main disk place there is no problem, both OSs booting very well. When starting from Windows 10 with...
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    EasyBCD booting a USB HDD w FreeBCD & WinXp

    Hi I wonder if it is possible to boot an external USB HDD with WinXP and FreeBSD 8.2 (USB supported in BIOS) together with my usual dual boot with WIn7 and Ubuntu. The external HDD is tested and works fine when booting as ordinary HDD with freeBSDs botting mechanism (boot0 giving F1 for WinXp...
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    need to uninstall?

    I have EasyBCD tripple booting Ubuntu 10.04 Win7 and WinXP but now I want to upgrade Ubuntu. I'm afraid that this will cause troubles to booting and loose the MBR that EasyBCD has written to. If I put the "timout" option of grub to 10 should it give control back to Ubuntu and after updating...