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    HUH? it works

    HI, This is a rather dumb question but I will toss it out to see if its the Norm I dual booted using BSD and was on my second hard drive D, and rememberd that I needed a driver I down loaded on Drive C: thats stored in my Download file in win 7. I searched drive C for the file...
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    Small Detail

    Thanks HI, will try an read all that info, thanks for the quick response , things seem to be changing very quickly when moving from xp to win 7, I guess thats why so many people are clinging to their XP and trying to Dual boot. Not to mention many of the older software don't seem to...
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    Small Detail

    HI, very new to win7 and didn't under stand the partitions, it looks alittle like linux, wonder if they borrowed some ideas. The one really important concept to grasp for me was never try to install the easybcd to the primary hard drive if its win7 , win7 dosent seem to need or use a boot...