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    windows drives insist on indexing each other

    windows search indexing on my 2 windows drives insists on indexing the wrong drive. Windows 10 PRO drive indexes drive D: (Win 10 Home) Windows 10 Home drive indexes drive D: (Win 10 Pro) when search problem was tracked down, Win 10 PRO was Win 10 Home and Win 10 Home was Win 7 Home. upgraded...
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    easyBCD settings being over ridden by Windows 8.1 configuration

    I want to (for now) skip the boot menu and have set that in easyBCD from within 8.1, but when I boot, the windows 8 dual boot menu still comes up. have Windows 7 on other drive
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    download of BCD will not start

    'free' version will not start download.
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    will BCD work with the just released Windows Technical Preview??

    I would assume it will, but you know what ASSUME means...
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    BCD not seeing Windows 8 CP on 2nd physical drive

    I cloned a working copy of 8 and it will boot off the new drive if that is only drive connected and BCD sees it if run on that drive. When I connected drive with fresh install of 7 (as 1st physical), that drive will boot. When running BCD on 7 drive it does not 'see' 8 on other drive. I...
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    BCD not seeing Windows 8 CP on 2nd physical drive

    from Windows 7 HP, easyBCD does not see Windows 8 on 2nd drive. That 8 drive will successfully boot up if only drive connected. Am at a loss.
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    win 7 disk from old computer will not boot BSOD

    just built new Shuttle box with SSD for main drive and 'fresh' installed Win 7 64 bit. It finally dawned on me to put old Win 7 32bit drive in new box so I could boot to it until I am confident I have new 64bit install full of all my must have stuff. The old drive was running in the 2nd...
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    why did 7 get named Windows Server 2008 R2

    But why did it come up as Windows Server 2008 R2?
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    why did 7 get named Windows Server 2008 R2

    when I upgraded to 7 from Vista the op sys name appears as: Windows Server 2008 R2 in dual boot list. Is there a reason for this? Can I safely change name somehow with BCD?
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    How do I replace XP with Win7 64 bit?

    currently have dual boot xp/VHP 32 bit on drives 1 and 2 (0 and 1) respectively. I want to replace XP (it's broken anyway) with Win7 64bit. How to do painlessly?? Ha.
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    where is the HnS OPTION?

    IS IT SEPARATE from easyBCD?
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    how to add windows 7 to current dual boot XP/Vista?

    what can I expect when adding Windows 7 64 bit on 3rd physical drive to current XP (1st drive)/Vista HP 32 (2nd drive)? thanks
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    Drive letter confusion in backup/restore

    Well I finally got around to unhiding my sys folders/files so I could see where all the good stuff is really going and lo and behold... I have XP on 1st physical drive I have VHP32 on 2nd physical drive I installed from CD boots so that which ever OS is in charge it is on C drive (and others...
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    if I reinstall my xp how will this affect my dual boot?

    well the point WAS that I was using getright as the torrent downloader, but I went ahead and got uTorrent.