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    Vista - Kubuntu (external)

    Ok, so I'm not getting any help. Even though I was asked a question that was unnecessary: and help could have just been provided at that point. But that's ok. Maybe one of the not-so-popular aspects of forums like these is that when you don't get the help you ask for you are forced to figure...
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    Wiki? What wiki?

    Hey CG, I'm getting a blank page when I try to view the wiki. I am typing this ( address into FireFox, Opera & IE and all I get is a blank, white page. Also, there's nothing in the "View Page Source" window either.
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    Vista - Kubuntu (external)

    Vista is on the laptop and Kubuntu is on the external drive.
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    Vista - Kubuntu (external)

    Ok. I have Vista on my laptop. I recently got interested in the Ubuntu-flavored Linux. I put Kubuntu on a spare desktop box and liked it so much I'd like to carry it around with me. So I hooked a hard drive up to the box, installed Kubuntu as if it were the boot drive, took it out and shoved it...