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    Disk Management Flags (multilingual - please add your language)

    Here are the German Translations Boot (Hochfahren) = Boot Gesund = Healthy Logisches Laufwerk = Logical Drive Seite Datei = Page File Crash Dump = Crash Dump Haupt Partition = Primary Partition Sekundär Partition = Extended Partition Aktive = Active System = System Disk Managment = Disk...
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    Translations to Other Languages

    I could Translate to German and Swiss German if needed Liebe Grüsse Ethan
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    EasyBDC 2.0 GRUB2 auto config not working

    Hi MoS Try the new build (91) it fixed that bug so you can use the new, easy to use, autoconfig with Grub2 Liebe Grüsse Ethan
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    EBCD Grub2 / Ubuntu9.10 does not boot

    great :-) hope to be able to test it soon Good luck Ethan
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    EBCD Grub2 / Ubuntu9.10 does not boot

    No It was a clean Install on a new partition. Liebe grüsse Ethan
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    EBCD Grub2 / Ubuntu9.10 does not boot

    Hi Curryrotweiss What screen do you get wen you choose Ubuntu 9.10 in the Bootmenu? is it the "Windows failed to start" screen? @Computer Guru Couldn't you use NeoGrub to boot Ubuntu 9.10 or isn't that an option? Liebe Grüsse Ethan Addendum: Hi I think I have solved it!!! In...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hi I'm Ethan. I'm a Student from Switzerland that is specialising in IT. I came here because I have Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit, Hackintosh ;-) and Win7 64-bit on my maschine but because Ubuntu 9.10 uses Grub2 I need EasyBCD Beta2 but will not work correctly. but I do hope that with my experience (I have...