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    Win XP: computer disk hardware configuration problem.

    Boot sequence is stable and pretty sure it would not let my pick the BCD options without that being the same as I would have seen another list all together or none. Basically the RAID drive (W7) is certainly number 1 though I couldn't say for sure about the rest of sequence which I assume...
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    Win XP: computer disk hardware configuration problem.

    I've just recovered my Windows XP Partition using the 7.2.137 Beta. My drive configuration is Windows 7 x64 on a Raid drive (2 SATA) which is the primary active drive where bootmgr is. My Windows XP partition is on a second SATA drive (no raid) and then one small data drive also SATA. What...
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    XP won't load

    The beta builds worked reasonably well. Its the first time for me since I rebuilt my machine in September that I was able to at least attempt to boot my old XP partition. Now it crashes on load probably due to my RAID drives and lack of driver support. But the EasyBCD at least did what I...
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    Win 7 / XP dual boot configured, but computer reboots once on each OS?

    When I had this problem on my previous motherboard I assumed it was the BIOS changing the order of my harddrives due to having several external USB drives connected. My assumption was they were detected in different order and so it rebuilt the boot order list. I had multiple internal drives...