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    trouble booting vhd.

    Oh, ok so i need to convert it to a .img. What is the best way to do that? EDIT: so i did it with 'dd if= of=' in ubuntu live cd in vbox and it still dosent work. Still going to a grub terminal. :(
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    trouble booting vhd.

    I have a vhd file i want to dual-boot into with easybcd 'raw hard disk image' option. The vhd file boots in virtual box and is a fixed size vhd file(200gb). When i click the option at boot i go into a grub terminal(if i type ls it spits out all the files/folders at the root of my win7...
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    how to boot using ghost2003 partition?

    Put the ghost.iso on your windows 7 partition (if its not already there) and then add a menu to the bootloader with easybcd -> iso -> 'run from disk' or 'load from memory' then select the iso. Because its loading from your hdd it will load about 15x faster than from a cd.
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    Boot an iso image from a bootable usb device

    Try to change the partition on the thumdrive to NTFS. If that dosent work try fat32 or fat16. I dont think you have to try both "load from disk" and "run from memory" on every format, just go with the one you want.