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    EasyBCD Application Error 0xc0000135

    I downloaded easybcd and ran it on my XP and it installed ok but installed on the F drive as that is the one XP uses as the root(dual boot Vista-XP). I click on the icon and it gives me the old "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on ok to terminate" error message...
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    Vista/XP Dual boot problem

    thanks for the info I think its mor the former than the latter as it worked before but from what I have read on MS's web site is I have a conflict between boot.ini and bcd. I think I will give EasyBCD (you are right that is what I meant) and the worst that can happen is nothing. If I can't...
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    Vista/XP Dual boot problem

    I successfully installed Vista Ultimate and XP in a dual boot config. and it worked for quite a while. I started having problem with Vista not wanting to load and I would run the Vista DVD install/fix and using the boot fix, it would work again but now it tells me I can't fix the problem and it...