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    Delete entry before restoring or edit later ?

    I restored the image without MBR (using Acronis True Image) Worked fine ....did not have to do anything in EasyBCD except edit the name :)
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    Delete entry before restoring or edit later ?

    Hi, This is my set up: Drive 1, Partition 1 - Windows7 64bit Drive 2, Partition 1 - Windows7 32bit Drive 3, Partition 1 - Windows XP Pro I want to remove the Windows7 os in drive 2 and replace with a backup image of Windows7 64bit I want to know if I should delete the drive 2 os...
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    Dual boot Win 7 and XP

    I faced the exact same issue you have described when I tried to set it up with the older version of EasyBCD. After installing Windows 7 on a new disk I plugged in the old disk and restored Acronis backup image of XP Pro. Tried to boot to XP but it kept on rebooting like you mention. This is...