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    EasyBCD Won't Start

    I uninstalled EasyBCD, deleted the folder, cleaned my registry using CCleaner, and re-installed. I get the same problem: EasyBCD appears in my processes list, but doesn't ever show up, instead closing/crashing when the GUI should've popped up. Edit: Here's an error log I captured from...
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    EasyBCD Won't Start

    Sorry for late response. As to your question as to what the problem is, this is how I can explain it: When I first used EasyBCD, it worked perfectly. However, after attempting to add OSX in, it damaged something. Now, EasyBCD will not start. The rest of the computer is fine. I can provide...
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    I launch the Windows 98 or ME and Windows 95 start

    Terry60 is right. Instead, run a virtual machine off of windows 7 for anything before XP.
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    EasyBCD Won't Start

    Update: I've restored from a BCD backup, and the problem is NOT fixed. Any idea what's wrong?
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hello! Both my screen name and my real name are usually Grey, but in this case it was taken. I'm a hardware enthusiast, but I do have a pretty small budget to prevent myself from spending swaths of money. I did come here with a plea for help, specifically because of a BCD that I believe...
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    EasyBCD Won't Start

    I've used EasyBCD before to attempt to set up my hackintosh, but after running it and setting up the OSX chainloader, windows stopped showing the boot selection screen and simply boots straight into Windows 8.1. I'm using UEFI, and can still boot into OSX using the F12 button as my system...