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    Funny Names/Words

    check out ther urban dictionary @ Urban Dictionary: Define Your World
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    NeoSmart Book Club

    I think the best book series I ever read was the Doc Savage novels be Kenneth Robeson. One of the greater books I read was W.A.S.P., but I dont remember who wrote it.
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    Computer Gaming

    Hook 2 of them together & you could probaly outrun a Cray, LOL I play a game called outlaws & its fun
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    Happy Pi Day 2008, Everyone!

    What a unique concept! I didnt know we even had a Pi day. Have a happy Pi day everyone!
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    March 28 : Today in History - March 28 Return to home 193CE Mar 28, Publius Helvius Pertinax, Roman Emperor (192-93), was assassinated. (HFA, '96, p.26)(MC, 3/28/02) 1472 Mar 28, Fra Bartolommeo, monk, Florentine Renaissance painter, was born. [see 1475] (MC, 3/28/02)...
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    Uncrackable Passwords

    Where can I find a list of these characters to use?