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    Boot linux from the VHD

    You will find vhd booting possibility: 1. Virtual booting You can create multi partitions inside a vhd file. All iso, img, vhd, frugal and full install systems will work. Just use virtualbox and grub4dos. Virtual booting in a multi-partitioned VHD - YouTube 2. Real booting Windows...
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    Acer Aspire 5810tz Wont Boot From CD Drive

    Make sure that your winxp.iso is bootable. You can test it with virtualbox or qemu. If winxp.iso is not bootable than you did not burn it correctly (you must burn it as image, NOT as data) or maybe your DVD-drive is bad and many things you have to check. All windows xp, vista, w7 and w8 work...
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    Android in quad-boot?

    android-x86 vellamo-benchmark on acer-5810tz laptop - YouTube
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    Win7 & XP - Preferred install order, & WHY ?

    With Win7 VHD Nativeboot you don’t need to worry which one first or last:MBR remain untouched It wont create conflict No need to create partitionMore then one vhd possible Create portable vhd is possible for booting anywhere
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    Vista won't boot after xp shutdown

    Xp is installed on d: drive in logical partition. It can see and write anything to pre-loaded vista in c: drive. I installed some applications on xp & vista as well opera, firefox, ms office, firewall, antivirus etc. It looks like everything ok, I can not say much, my son use the laptop for...
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    Vista won't boot after xp shutdown

    Vista works fine after repair. If I choose xp to restart, vista will boot up properly. Just never click xp shutdown, otherwise vista need to be repaired again. Any idea, What is wrong?
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    Vista won't boot after xp shutdown

    EasyBCD dualboot xp & pre-installed vista on Acer Timeline. So far xp works fine. At shutdown xp will do completely the task until the laptop turn off. When I turn on it back every time vista will not boot, I got only progress bar back & fort without end. What is the problem? Is easybcd the...