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    Dual boot Windows 7 twice

    I think I may need to start at the beginning. This computer currently has Windows 7 and I have managed to shrink the drive where it resides and I now have somewhere around 135GB of unallocated space that needs to be partioned and then windows 7 also installed on. I think I understand that...
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    Dual boot Windows 7 twice

    Sorry for the confusion, It won't be necessary for both to run at the same time. It looked like Shedrock's post was for seperate hard drives, I'll review it. Thanks
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    Dual boot Windows 7 twice

    Hi all, Is it possible to dual boot Windows 7 with Windows 7? I have a laptop that needs to log into two different systems via two different VPN's. Although these seperate systems use the same software they do not use the same version of that software and the two versions cannot co-exist on...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hi All!! Just a geek wanna be here who, over the years has taken every possible opportunity to do things myself. Dating back to the old DOS only 8086 machines I've build and upgraded many PC's and have for the most part been able to keep myself out of any real trouble. It's sites like this and...