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    blank screen !?!?! please help ? x(

    so about 2 weeks ago on my computer the screen kept flashing on and off a couple times but when i went to eat dinner and came back it was jsut blank and didnt know what the problem was. so the next week i turned it on and the screen was on but only for like 5 minutes and shut off, i looked for...
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    computer freezing problem, please help!?!?!?

    thanks for the advice, but it didn't work =[ i already did a complete virus scan on my computer and the problem still pops up
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    computer freezing problem, please help!?!?!?

    Well 2 weeks ago my computer was working fine and everything, but then suddenly every time i play online games and such my computer freezes or crashes. before if that ever came to happen i would still be able to use ctrl+alt+del but now i have to unplug it or restart it.:( (don't know much about...
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    No install.wim????? Help plz

    When I try to install from the program on this site it says that my computer doesn't have install.wim Other than that I can't do a computer restore on my laptop. plus when I turn on my laptop says winloaf.Exe is missing or corrupt. Ty ( hard to type on my iPhone)