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    Help! I used "rescue my system" and everything is gone.

    Hello. I posted here a few days ago having a trouble getting a new install of Win7 from MSDN to boot on a raid 5 array. The issue eventually resolved itself as I had to completely start over and this time I just uplugged my IDE drive with XP on it. Now Win7 boots fine but when I try to boot to...
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    Dual booting with a RAID 5 array XP/Win7

    Thank you for your response. I went into the BIOS (NVDIA NFORCE) and things are a little different when using the onboard RAID controller. When I enabled it all four SATA drives dissapeared and are now managed from the "onboard device" controller screen. When I go to the boot sequence screen I...
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    Dual booting with a RAID 5 array XP/Win7

    Hello. After recently losing the data on the hard drive my data was stored on I decided to go with a RAID 5 array. There are four SATA 500Gb disks plugged into an ASUS motherboard with an onboard NVIDIA RAID controller. I left my original XP installation alone on an IDE drive. I installed Win7...