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    Easy BCD to setup boot onto secondary partition

    Hello everyone. I tried looking around the posts for an answer but couldn't find one. In summary, my system has 1 physical HDD with two partitions. Partition 1 contains Win 7 and it is set as primary, active, with an NTFS file system and assigned volume letter "C:" ; Partition 2 contains the...
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    Stuck with MBR showing unbootable partition options

    Managed to find a repair disk I had created quite some time ago and by using it it automatically detected the invalid entry on the MBR and corrected it. The system now boots and runs as normal. Thanks!
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    Stuck with MBR showing unbootable partition options

    Hello everyone. I seem to have gotten myself into a problem by accident. I have a Win 7 netbook where I am trying to get Mac to run and whilst editing the MBR to include the Mac partition as boot option, I have accidentally deleted the original Win 7 partition from the list. As a result I can...