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    W7 32 bit and W8.1 64 bit on an ASRock P67 Extreme4.

    No uefi screen. Have you tried disconnecting all boot devices? This will give you a better chance to catch the uefi function. If you get to the uefi screen check the USB mode chosen on the USB controller screen. On the HDD I think I read that SATA/IDE is the default so you might chk that the...
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    Unable to install Windows 7 Before I can help I need a little information. And that doesn't say I'll be able to help but these are the questions that came to my mind when I saw this message about a week ago and had no time. To start off, did you do a clean install? By that I mean did you...
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    window 7 BootMGR missing on netbook

    TERRY 60, I applaude you for your patience.
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    Boot problems WIN 7

    Win7 Boot problem I think that at this point I would be suspecting a virus or malware of some sort particularly if the system was connected to the internet while it was inactive during the night. I would try to get online with Ubuntu or another Windows drive and run a good malware...
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    Trouble booting from CD (Vista)

    If your not uncomfortable with hardware tinkering I would reset the bios using the jumper on the motherboard and I would put a new battery in. A weak battery will do some wierd things to a setup and shorting the reset jumpers will clear this when you put a new battery in. If you try this Good...
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    connecting 2 computers

    Laptop infected If you have access to an external usb drive enclosure you could put the drive in it and access it then. Or you could try using a linux based recovery program that has been installed on a boot disk.
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    Old technology

    Was just reading in the Uncrackable Password thread and started to enter information that was more suited to this forum so am entering it here. So would anyone who remembers this feature please respond with the system that it worked on. Some time ago (DOS period maybe) one could hold the Alt...
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    Using System 7 Recovery Disk to Repair Corrupt Module

    Zubair I think the AC100 runs a Nvidia Tegra cpu which is for mobile devices. I might be way off base here but I doubt that it is capable of running anyh of the Windows you mentioned. It might run Windows phone OS and while you probably have a very good reason for changing the OS but I can't...