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    W3 Validator!

    OH No Guru!! look what i found!! Validator! they suggest you fix that :D lol its fun to zoom on W3 Validator and check websites to see if they are valid. Post funny validation errors here? :)
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    MediaWiki issue

    Yeah i had time to look it up today in school (internet isnt fast enough at home). and it's Free, but its the same Wiki software Wikipedia uses. well... minus all their dev's and coders XD Thanks Justin! :) Post Script: the Favicon seems to be working now too!! WOOT!
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    MediaWiki issue

    I have just installed and configured up myself a MediaWiki driven Wiki on my website. Now to my issue. I have a special character in the Wiki's title and it seems to be erroring out. It is giving me �tharn as the name. idk what exactly the issue is. :( the name works fine in the...
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    The Introduction Thread

    @ FuzzyUnc and Heevhu Making a proper thread in the forum of the problem will help in decreasing down time.
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    Post your fantasy computer builds!

    Post up computer builds for a single or multi-computer setups. Supply product model number and individual prices and finally a total price. --- Posting my later. :)
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    Desktop Screenshot thread

    Yeah sorry it went away. i had to remove my IP's XD don't think i should be giving out both internal and external lol
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    Desktop Screenshot thread

    7 Dtop!
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hey everybody! :D welcome to the forums! have fun and post lots. responses will come at a timely manner from others more intelligent members. :)
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    OMGosh! (return thread)

    :) thanks for the welcome back! :) i'll get to downloading that next week. *busy "working "on his website* XD i really need to take a formal class on this stuff, i think it would help. XD Rather than poking around and stealing code of what works lol CSS is harder than html at this point of my...
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    OMGosh! (return thread)

    Donald is not dead!! :D i have been extremely busy with school and work and other things (had a WoW moment for a couple months :lup: ) decided to snoop and check out your CSS guru. (started working on my site again after neglecting it for the same amount of time as your guys ) good work on...
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    CryEngine 3 [Game Development]

    amazing ^__^ thanks for sharing man!
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    Decisions (on laptops)

    oh yes, many many buyers beware lol --- oh another note. My laptop has began its shipping ^__^ YAY! hehe so it should be here on wednesday, i cant wait! i think i might skip class that day lol
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    Are you Conficker-Free ?

    i am free of conflicker c ;) or greater and lower as long as you keep your windows up to date, its not really any issue, conflicker imho is targeted toward businesses that dont know what they are doing in the IT side of things. which is sadly alot :(
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    html help

    yeah i know they dont go anywhere, i am testing stuff still, and i dont know what to have as pages. so just setting the Div's to center, ill try that thanks ^___^ --- agh, thats not what i wanted :( :( i want the page to stay in the middle, even when resizing the browser, which would...
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    Google Color Restricted Search

    awesome ^__^