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    Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10

    Timeout = 0 "Do I have to change the Boot up options in Ubuntu to get rid of the other x4 options avaiable to leave me with x1 Ubuntu selection?" just edit timeout option - set it to 0 and it gives you "invisible" Grub. Kari
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    Odd behaviour ?

    Feel stupid again ! :nerd: Just after posting this -> Linux works now, and probably i can boot from Grub to OSX too. It was Grub2 that made it. Sorry for the inconvence (<- is that a word ?) Kari
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    Odd behaviour ?

    Hi all, i donloaded EasyBCD 2.0 just a while ago, but it did not solve my promblem - anyway out of the box.... i can boot Win7 and NST - entry's are in C, but OSX and Linux wont boot. I'm testing now Grub2, thats why \NST\AutoNeoGrub1.mbr is present. just a short edit ; i can boot to any OS...
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    Translations to Other Languages

    Finnish / Swedish or "Scandinavian" If these languages are needed, i can try to help. Finnish is my native, but - as we all Finns have to - i can speak/read/write Swedish and also "Scandinavian" - basicly Danish and Norwegian languages are a bit hard and for that we often use this common...