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    Hibernation Vista Hide 'N Seek Error

    oops.....the message actually says "Booting GRLDR" before it hangs...not much different. I have never attempted to hibernate XP. I don't use it often and try to keep the size down. I don't want "hiberfil.sys" hanging around taking up 2GB of space. My Win 7 sleeps by default, but hibernates if...
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    Hibernation Vista Hide 'N Seek Error

    I am using Vista Hide 'N Seek (and I love it) Windows XP is in the active partition, C:\ I installed Windows 7 after XP. Vista Hide 'N Seek was, of course, installed on the Win 7 partition, D:\ This configuration works flawlessly for me on a fresh boot or if coming out of sleep mode, but...
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    [Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA

    HideNSeek - works, thanks! Default OS Timeout? I am just a weekend computer tinkerer and haven't been able to get around the Vista - XP delete restore points issue even after trying multiple online suggestions. However, this works perfectly for me. Thanks a lot for your efforts! Question...