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    IE security zone changes

    Not being afraid of deleting suspicious stuff, I would likely delete that entry and reboot and then go reset IE ... but I do not have any specific experience with that particular kind of issue.
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    Black screen

    iPods usually only get connected ... so were you trying to install iTunes? And, you cannot reboot after a system crash? Something seems odd here. In any case, a Win7 recovery or repair disk will not fix XP. If you are trying to fix XP's startup, you will need an XP installation disk so you...
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    Problems reinstalling Vista bootloder following XP install

    Not at the Dell support site. If you go there and enter your machine's service tag number and OS, you will be given a list of drivers you can download onto your USB stick and take back to your machine and install via same .exe files. I usually begin with Dell's BIOS update that can be run...
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    Windows 7 Not Booting

    A new installation will be required, and the installation utility will give you the option of formatting the selected destination disk or partition. However, at least my own Win7 installation disk only performs a "quick format" there ... and that means a wipe beforehand would/could actually be...
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    Windows 7 Not Booting

    I often forget I am typically about 10 years behind on anything MS is doing ...!
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    Boots directly into Win XP

    Had you ever had Win7 booting?
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    Windows 7 Not Booting

    Ah, that makes sense ... yet the XP Pro SP3 Dell OEM disk I use wherever needed is not Dell-model-specific and even says "not for reinstallation of programs or drivers" (as Dell sends those separately). So, maybe Dell disks are at least a bit closer to MS OEM. And then ... I recently...
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    Windows 7 Not Booting

    A few weeks ago, I sent HP a nasty note saying I would never again purchase any of their stuff (and I am only an end user) after some Yahoo trash got installed along with their drivers and software related to my HP printer ... and I have since discovered HP now makes "drivers only" (sans even...
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    Uninstall EasyBCD

    The un-installation should be available at your Control Panel, and XP's and Win7's respective "startup repair" utilities on their installation disks *should* put your MBR/s back to original as long as Win7 is in a partition on your *first* hard drive ... but Win7's "startup repair" is really...
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    Windows 7 Not Booting

    That is what I meant. Microsoft does not require OEMs to include installation disks. I do not know how things with them have been in the past, but yes, they definitely do all they can now. Their phone techs have never had a solution other than complete re-installation whenever I have called...
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    Windows 7 Not Booting

    I suspect Microsoft has approved what is being done there as long as some way is provided for restoration/repair of the initial installation. I agree in principle, but OEM-installation media has not been in the overall picture for quite some time now (as far as I know). I remember my father...
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    First post from forum newbie...the first-time website 'sucks' for new users...

    He is talking about the big, green button and all the advertising here: Download EasyBCD 2.0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies After a time or two at just about any site these days, I assume most people learn to look more closely before clicking on anything anywhere. However, I definitely understand...
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    Linux is in the 5th Partition! and Mint uses Grub2

    I wish I could help, but all of this is still very new to me and I know nothing about NeoGrub. Question: Are you sure " set root='(gd1,5)' " should not instead look like " set root=(gd1,5) "?
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    Windows 7 Not Booting

    I have occasionally had the same kind of trouble at "Dell Hell". If I may ask: How did all of this begin? If you are/were attempting to multi-boot, that might actually still end up being your best option, but only *after* you are quite sure you well-understand any kind of pre-configuration that...