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    I cannot boot from a created USB device after creating it with Easy USB Creator Lite 2.3

    I am running into the same problem. I tried manually adding a UEFI boot option (it wasn't clear what file it's looking for, but it seemed to have eventually filled this out on its own as \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI, but that didn't make a difference.
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    can't UEFI boot from VMWare Fusion

    The Windows iso works just fine. I even tried changing the OS to FreeBSD 12 x64 and that made no difference.
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    can't UEFI boot from VMWare Fusion

    I restored a desktop Windows 10 x64 computer to a VMWare Fusion virtual machine using Retrospect. Due to bugs in Retrospect, the bootloader always gets trashed and I need to fix it with the recovery CD. I did this as a test on a virtual machine, but when I try to boot with the recovery CD...
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    EasyRE can't run on an Optiplex 7040

    EasyRE doesn't run on a Dell Optiplex 7040 due to bugs in FreeBSD that prevent it from booting all the way up, at least for the version distributed last May. Has anyone run into anything similar?