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    Restore Problem

    hi smart, have you tried fixing the bootmgr before having to reistall (in the box factorystate) from home made recovery discs? what make is pc.If you have deleted the Tattoo from the hard drive or it has been replaced then you will need to copy the tattoo from the MB the home made cds wil look...
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    No multiboot option, XP Vista

    hi again all, ok now all sorted , the reason nobody could solve my problem with the missing boot menu is because it was not missing but hidden.i' ll try to explain. I have / had no monitor connected instead i use my graphics output to TV, somewhere between POST and O/S...
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    OS keyboard access

    had similar probblem ,in bios need to mark usb keyboard devices
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    Vista XP dual boot chicken and egg problem

    mcd,needed First you should get hold of your master cd,s from you manufacturer if they did not provide them with the laptop.They will charge you after warrenty runs out around £50 these discs or dvd will be needed at a later date if you want to clean install (out of box) but i understad are no...
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    No multiboot option, XP Vista

    Multi boot option Hi everyody , before i start can i thank all for your time and Patience. Terry attatched root of hdd "C" and root of "E" for good measure (shall i delete boot.ini etc from "E" now that post 32486 did not solve? can't copy "Display Settings" (Easybcd 2.0) This do...
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    No multiboot option, XP Vista

    slow down !!! ,too ethuusiastic on this forum Thanks kairozamorro > already copied files to vista "E" after reading other threads didn't work(system is "C" ) thanks -Coolname007 > the Addendum vista on "C" so if pointing to "E" (should be system not Vista, very sorry for that.:shame:)...
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    No multiboot option, XP Vista

    still "trying" hi everyonne , thanks for all the response , sorry i,ve not replied i had problems booting into any o/s today (blue screen) after pointing vista to "C" as was suggested. Quote "then shouldn't Vista's entry be pointed at C: too? " i won't ignore the ? next time.LOL Not great with...
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    No multiboot option, XP Vista

    no boot option Thanks for the welcome Guru, I've installed Easybcd 2.0 Beta, Sorry :O are you saying boot.ini is missing a Widows XP entry, Or boot.ini needs to be elsewhere? Quote: "and use the on-screen wizard to configure boot.ini when adding a Windows XP entry" Do you refer to tools >...
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    No multiboot option, XP Vista

    can anyone help? can i get the multi boot option at startup ? have pc with 3 hdd as follows .. "0" = hdd C (partition 1) XP Pro 32bit (System, Active, Primary) "0" = hdd D (partition 2) New Volume (Primary) "1" = hdd E (partition 1) Vista 32bit (Boot, PaFi, CrDu, Active, Primary "1" = hdd...