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    Just bought easyRE but it's not working?

    Sounds like you didn't change your PC to boot in legacy mode before trying to boot into the EasyRE USB. The support team should be able to sort you out.
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    Switching to GPT Partitioning Scheme

    Good luck.. and be careful!
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    Deleting the small hidden windows 7 etc. boot partition using EasyBCD and third-part partition sw.

    Hi Paolo, You are absolutely correct. But the only partition that actually needs to be a primary partition is the boot partition. The existence of that partition will actually help you with the primary partition situation since only the boot partition needs to primary; NTLDR or BOOTMGR...
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    There's no need for shouting, we can hear you just fine if you don't use all caps :) Anyway, unless this is an extremely old copy of EasyRE or a pirated copy of EasyRE (which I wouldn't mention except I couldn't find any licenses under your email address), g2ldr is not used in EasyRE's code...
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    Is there anyway to connect the Metro boot menu to the Legacy one?

    In answer to the specific question first asked in this thread, it is not possible to load the metro UI bootloader from within the "legacy" black-and-white boot menu as they are both two different looks to the same menu. You can switch between them with EasyBCD, however: Changing the Menu Options
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    W8 not booting AT ALL!

    Have you tried booting in safe mode? If you've explored all other options, you could always give our EasyRE bootable recovery CD, refund if it doesn't work.
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    Windows 10 Rollback

    If you are referring to our Windows 10 Rollback Utility, the chances that you can remotely tell if it's usable are slim. If you can boot into Windows, you don't need the tool... and if you can't boot into Windows, then you can't remote into her PC to determine if the Windows.old directory exists...
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    Switching to GPT Partitioning Scheme

    I don't recommend manually reconfiguring a BIOS machine to UEFI mode or vice-versa, as there are a lot of catches and potential pitfalls. The general recommended advice is to make a backup of your important files and initialize the drive, then reinstall Windows by booting from the CD in UEFI...
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    i have a issue

    It sounds like you did not install the Xserver option. Make sure you didn't use the minimal/netinst ISO to install Debian.
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    Dell M6500 "The TPM could not be initialized"

    There is usually an option in the BIOS to disable the TPM.
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    Using Neogrub as main bootloader?

    The safest option would be to just set NeoGrub as the default entry in EasyBCD and use the "skip bootloader menu" option. That way the Windows menu is still there and in control, but transparently so.
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    Win 10 1709

    I'm not sure what you mean by "locked?" Do you mean via bitlocker?
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    NeoGrub boot ISO seems broken with Legacy+UEFI

    It can't be a UEFI issue as NeoGrub won't even load up in UEFI mode. It's possible that the issue is an NVMe drive?