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    Recover Windows 2008 Server Disc Unable to Find Partition

    In addition, Hype-V is using a disk controller not supported by the recovery environment, you can change the adapter type to something simpler to get it to recognize the disk.
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    How to tell Windows Boot Manager (bootmgr) to load and execute the 1st sector from a specified partition?

    Alternatively, and this is what EasyBCD does internally for some entries, you can add a NeoGrub entry and configure that to chainload into hd(x, y) in which case NeoGrub will be loaded from a static file on-disk that doesn’t change but it will dynamically chainload your exotic OS from its...
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    Lost Admin Passwords, Lost Windows Product Keys? - We Can't Help You

    You can always try using our free keyfinder utility, though: Windows 10 OEM Product Key Tool Good luck!
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    BIOS boot devices removed mistakenly

    You should try resetting the CMOS (jumpers, remove battery, etc) and see if that helps. Make sure you boot it with all hard disks disconnected the first time, which forces it to use its own NVRAM uefi boot store and not a cached/stored copy on the disk.
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    How to tell Windows Boot Manager (bootmgr) to load and execute the 1st sector from a specified partition?

    You can't do that because the bootloader is executed in an environment a level up from the BIOS and has abstracted away the disk and drive access, instead using local paths only. My recommendation would be to write a simple script and add it to the Task Scheduler that updates exotic.bin each...
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    Web design problems ...

    On the off-chance that this isn't spam, you need to find out if your current web software has such a feature (typically called permissions or subscriptions) available. Create a new section and change the permissions to only allow logged-in users access.
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    What BIOS do i use for my updated laptop?

    No problem, you're most welcome.
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    Windows 10 Lenovo laptop and inability to activate

    You can still get updates without activation but there will be a watermark on the desktop indicating the OS is not activated. Additionally certain personalization and theming options will be disabled. If you bought the PC with Windows 8.1, you must upgrade to Windows 10 to preserve the...
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    EasyRE shows "Unable to update boot sector"

    IIRC, there were some cases EFI cases that caused EasyRE some consternation during repair that have been resolved in the past few versions. Is this an old version of EasyRE? If you purchased EasyRE within the past six months, you can contact support at for a free update...
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    ANGO, ANG1, ANG2, ANG3, ANG4, ANG5, ANG6, ANG7, ANG8

    ANG is short for "autoneogrub" and each is a self-contained, fully-configured instance of Grub for Windows and is chainloaded by the Windows bootloader to boot into non-Windows entries added in EasyBCD to the Windows bootloader. They are created by EasyBCD when you add certain non-Windows...
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    Countdown Timer Failure

    My guess is the "windows not working" issue you ran into isn't strictly related to the metro menu but rather perhaps an unsafe shutdown or filesystem corruption exacerbated by the reboot cycles, especially since restoring from backup and trying again just worked. Sorry to ask the obvious...
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    How to delete old/duplicate Boot Records?

    Try enabling "Expert Mode" in EasyBCD's options dialog. The extra entry is coming from your UEFI firmware, injected into the Windows bootloader by the bidirectional integration. Expert Mode enables modification of firmware-resident entries, but is rarely more helpful than harmful - this might...
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    Pc freezing randomly

    If "buzzing sound" actually means stuttering sound or other audio emanating from the speakers (rather than a noise coming from the hardware in your PC itself, such as coil whine, hard disk clicking, scraping fan, etc), it's a software crash caused by bad drivers. The system gets stuck in a very...
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    Cloned SSD not booting

    @eddieprice my guess is that your IDE-to-USB adapter is not supported by EasyRE. If you run EasyRE on the actual host using the standard IDE connector, it should pick it up fine. Do you know what chipset the USB to IDE adapter uses? Maybe we can add the driver to EasyRE.
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    Cannot get EasyRE to boot up

    @kterickson confirmed that the beta link I sent him fixed the issue and after further testing and confirmation from some users and partner technicians, EasyRE 6.0.5 has been released with a fix for this issue. Anyone running into this, please email support at for an updated...