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    EasyBCD Crashing

    It sounds like the WMI service on your PC might not be working correctly. Run services.msc and look for "Windows Management Instrumentation" and check the status. It should be "Running" if everything is working OK: If it says "Stopped" instead, you can try right-clicking on it and pressing...
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    EasyBCD Crashed.......

    Your EasyBCD configuration file is corrupted. Delete the folder C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\NeoSmart_Technologies to go back to the default configuration and that should fix the error, too.
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    Change bootmenupolicy to legacy

    This happens automatically when you use "disable metro bootloader"
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    Free EasyBCD requires I purchase a license?

    If your machine is part of a Windows domain, the EasyBCD commercial version is required.
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    Windows 10 efi mode
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    Hard Disk Drive Recovery

    You'll find your files under C:\Windows.old
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    Unknown Error While Running EasyRE

    This sounds like an issue with the graphics card not being correctly supported. What graphics card are you using?
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    Error Opening BCD Registry

    Note that while EasyBCD does not correctly detect primary/logical partitions in a GPT configuration (the issue Terry linked to from thread 21270), the premise of having EasyBCD change the boot partition on an EFI/GPT installation is fundamentally flawed because there can only ever be one ESP...
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    Cannot boot because computer rebooted itself before I could program EasyBCD

    EasyBCD only needs to be installed on one partition, but it doesn't hurt to have it installed on multiple. If your hardware is set up correctly, then all three EasyBCD installations should be in sync and display the same information; changes made from one will be reflected in the others. You...
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    I'm feeling overwhelmed

    Two different issues (USB vs CD/DVD and the installation error). You can ignore the USB matter altogether if you've successfully loaded the Windows setup from the DVD. Regarding the other matter, I don't understand what you're saying here: Can you clarify?
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    EasyBCD says partition is a Logical partition, when it is primary

    Somewhat of a sidebar: Microsoft no longer actually stores any files (or even any data at all) in the MSR in standard UEFI/GPT boot configurations, but the OS will refuse to boot and/or updates will refuse to install if the MSR doesn't exist (that's one of the checks/fixes that EasyRE does). As...
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    Picture Appears during System Bootup ( Dell XP)

    This may be an older XP through Windows 7 style logon background screen that loads before the new Metro UI login prompt appears as a full-screen login prompt. You can run regedit.exe and then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software> Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion (present in all versions of...
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    Designate fonts "For All Users"

    No problem. It was released without much fanfare and with no discernable difference when viewing the user font folder, a very stealthy change.
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    Designate fonts "For All Users"

    Windows 10 added a new per-user fonts folder, located at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Fonts where fonts are now installed to by default (because it doesn't require admin permissions). To enable a font for all users, it needs to go to the old font folder at C:\Windows\Fonts...
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    Using EasyBCD to dual boot Win 10 and Ubuntu on separate disks Have fun!