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    Ireboot 2 does not work on windows 10

    Yes, `iRebootd.exe` is the background service that actually performs the requested action with elevated rights, and `iReboot.exe` is the frontend that you see and interact with.
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    Using GRUB4DOS for booting Linux Debian 7 on a logical partition

    Ah, I was going to post a long-winded explanation about how EasyBCD derives the numbers and how you can compare what it detects with what is actually there so I can fix it down the road, but then thought "he probably just wants to get it working, let me tell him about patching ANG0" :)
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    iReboot won't start on boot Windows 10

    I'm on Windows 10 1803 and have no problem with iReboot starting up on this system. Is UAC enabled on your machine? What happens if you copy the iReboot shortcut to your startup folder or create a task in 'task scheduler' to start iReboot on login?
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    Boot loader software fix for DiskMap.dll

    You can try booting in either Safe Mode or Last Known Good Configuration and see if that at least gets you back into Windows?
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    Can't open CD drive

    While booted into EasyRE, you cannot eject the CD as EasyRE is loaded from it and requires it to run. This starts the second EasyRE begins to load (so past the boot menu from the CD). Make sure you eject the CD at your system's POST screen when the manufacturer's logo is showing.
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    Ireboot 2 does not work on windows 10

    OK, that's just weird. Can you try copying a shortcut to iReboot to your startup folder and seeing if that does the trick? Or creating a task in the task scheduler to start iReboot at login?
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    Using GRUB4DOS for booting Linux Debian 7 on a logical partition

    Hello @Gingko That's quite a good bit of research that you've put together there! You don't want to patch the AutoNeoGrub0.mbr file, that just points to the actual bootloader on-disk, in this case, ANG0 on the boot drive. If you open that in a hex editor, you can edit the embedded menu (at...
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    Problem with Easy USB Creator Lite

    @grebrynod the lite version is for use with recovery CDs and software, not for Windows setup images.
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    Help with removing duplicates in the BCD

    The easiest way is to just use the "reset bcd" feature in EasyBCD.
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    Ireboot 2 does not work on windows 10

    It seems there's more than one thread about this topic right now. Windows 10 has a new feature that lets you manage startup components. I imagine there's a good chance it's the problem here. Make sure that under "Startup" in the Task Manager, iReboot appears and is enabled (note that that is...
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    Cant boot windows

    You can follow the instructions at Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD to get the Windows boot working again.
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    iReboot won't start on boot Windows 10

    During iReboot setup, there are several components that are available to install. Make sure all of them are selected when installing. Additionally, if it runs but only manually (i.e. not at startup) you may have disabled the startup task. You can check if iReboot appears in the list of "startup...
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    Missing IOS?

    I'm not sure how to make the answer to this question any clearer, it's currently the very first question & answer in the FAQ, which is linked to in the download link email. It's also explained on the page with burning instructions, which is similarly promoted in the download email. Additionally...
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    There’s no support at all.

    I just searched the inbox and can't find any support requests with the email address you provided for the account here. Did you receive a confirmation email when you submitted the request?
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    EasyBCD fails to run in WinXP

    @wckwyser Sorry, I meant the "processes" tab as it was called under XP. Can you show the full contents of the processes tab, with the "show processes from all users" box ticked?