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    How to boot Windows XP Live CD iso ?

    OK, just making sure. Pedantically speaking, they're all WinPE, but WinPE 2.0 was a complete rewrite and was the first to feature the WIM-based approach.
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    Useless entries in boot options

    I forgot that Terry warned against that already. ‍
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    Can I use BIOS_RVY partition as System?

    If you cloned the original partition, then whatever was on the first one is on the second one as well. But it's possible that there were hard-coded references to the first partition, for example, the entries in the BCD (that you see in EasyBCD) are not stored as drive letters but actually...
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    Useless entries in boot options

    OK, just be careful, because depending on the implementation of the UEFI you could lose those options from the F11/F12 boot menu in the BIOS POST. EasyBCD automatically makes a backup of the BCD when you first run it (saved to "My Documents") that you can always use in case things turn sour.
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    How to boot Windows XP Live CD iso ?

    Live CDs based off Windows PE 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6 (which were based off Windows XP RTM, Windows XP SP1, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP SP2, and Server 2003 SP1 respectively) may be used with EasyBCD, but you need to be sure the configuration doesn't attempt to second-guess the boot source...
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    can't re-activate windows 7

    Where did you get the product key from? Did you buy your PC with Windows 7 pre-installed? PCs that came with Windows 7 all (pretty much without exception) have a sticker on them somewhere that has the product key on it, like this: Windows 10 Embedded Product Key Tool My own machine was...
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    System Freeze Problem

    What happens when the system freezes? Is it just slow, does it fully hang, does it end up rebooting, do you get a blue screen?
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    PC sleeping can't repair

    @JasonXor I moved this to a new thread. I'm not sure what you mean. Can you clarify the problem?
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    How to boot Windows XP Live CD iso ?

    It depends on the CD and the drivers that are embedded in it. There are multiple "modes" of booting from an ISO image in EasyBCD, have you tried both "from disk" and "from memory"? How was the Windows XP Live CD created? Is it one of the existing popular distributions?
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    Useless entries in boot options

    Wait, how did you remove them? Did you delete them with EasyBCD?
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    Multiboot goes to GRUB prompt after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04

    Instead of seeing where GRUB is installed (which is hard) you can just run `sudo grub-setup -f /dev/LINUX_PARTITION_HERE` from within Linux to get it installed to the bootsector of the Linux partition, then point EasyBCD to that partition. @cncman yes, what you are asking for is possible. You...
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    Devices & Printers

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    Can I use BIOS_RVY partition as System?

    I can't believe the Kindle app is so badly coded, that is a huge security issue and horrible design. But in answer to your question: you are getting yourself into a world of hurt and if I may be blunt, I don't think you're equipped to handle the complications that will arise from the scenario...
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    iReboot Menu encoding

    No, that is not correct. The problem is that the information is lost before it gets to the .NET host. It is not a matter of reading the stream with the incorrect encoding, the stream itself no longer contains characters outside the latin1 charset, they are lost before the stream is passed on to...
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    Can I use BIOS_RVY partition as System?

    Few programs actually have the path hard-coded as C:, it is mostly legacy software (the kind that installs itself to the root of the C:\ drive instead of to "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)") that would have the path hard-coded. e.g. if you install EasyBCD to the default location of...