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    The authentication provider returned an error

    I didn't realize there were multiple threads about this, but in case anyone here didn't get a ping from the other discussion, here's a link to an update (everything is working now) and an apology (we're extremely sorry!): Cannot Register
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    Can't get access to "Save changes" button because the button is out of screen.

    The EasyBCD 2.4 release contains many changes to scaling and DPI awareness, unfortunately Windows XP's finesse with DPI is much like a drunk man with a jackhammer in a quiet library and things are unfortunately not always very consistent. It took a lot of work to get EasyBCD to scale correctly...
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    GRUB4Dos regressions in EasyBCD 2.3

    EasyBCD 2.4 was soft released last month and contains may grub-related fixes. Please try it: EasyBCD
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    problema con easybcd

    There's no need to post this three times to three different sections of the board. The behavior in question is explained here: EasyBCD and UEFI
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    Junk Mail

    I somehow missed this, but it's actually not supposed to be the case. At some point I had the boards configured so that new members (less than 2 or 3 days old with less than 2 or 3 posts) did not have permission to send private messages (among other things) to prevent exactly this. I'm not...
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    What does the BSOD say?
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    No Communication for two weeks!

    I'm not sure where you are getting any of this from. I dug into the matter after you reported you didn't hear back from us, and that's what I found. If you wish to keep arguing... by all means. But I'm out.
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    No Communication for two weeks!

    It's not about what tech support is looking for. The help desk system we use doesn't know what the support representative asked for or what the picture actually is, it's just a very dumb heuristic that found that nn% of the time a picture-only message is spam. We didn't develop it.
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    PXE Boot EasyRE: Is it Possible?

    We haven't specifically designed EasyRE to be PXE bootable and haven't tried that ourselves. You might be able to get it to work though, I don't know.
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    No Communication for two weeks!

    Just as an FYI, from our investigation it seems that replies with only a single image are (admittedly understandably) flagged as spam by the support system.
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    Cannot Register

    There seems to have been an issue with the account registration system for the paid downloads that should now be resolved. I would like to apologize to everyone for the issue here and to back what Terry said with regards to the availability of the community edition (and that the community...
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    Cannot register the account.

    A problem has been identified and hopefully addressed that prevented some of our customers from successfully creating an account after an update to the server. Kindly retry from the link that was sent in the order confirmation email. Our deepest apologies for the issue and the time it took for...
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    How to boot Windows XP Live CD iso ?

    Guys, let's please keep this thread free of links to copyrighted software.
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    In Dualboot Win10 C: and D: visible

    Hiya @ma2851 Odd timing - that is the issue being discussed here: Can I use BIOS_RVY partition as System? Search the forums or Google for Vista HnS / Vista Hide 'n Seek. Not supported.
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    How to boot Windows XP Live CD iso ?

    Like I said, it depends on the boot configuration burned into the CD, including the bootloader settings and the registry disk configuration. WinPE 1.x was never released as a product by Microsoft, there's no baseline here to say that it works by default or doesn't work by default. It can work...