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    NeoGrub: hide vista from xp?

    Hello, its is well know problem in dual boot (vista / xp) i.e, xp removes the vista restore points. For this reason vista needs to hidden from xp for that Neogrub is the solution. but when i have gone through neogrub how to do steps it was confusing , i mean once u intall neogrub from easybcd...
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    dual boot with preinstalled vista "error"

    its working .... thanx i have just downloaded the NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM copy & paste to my xp partition D: root directory. and i made it as hidden. thanx a lot Addendum: Now that dual booting with both vista and xp are working, can i uninstall the easybcd from xp or it should be...
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    dual boot with preinstalled vista "error"

    hello, i bought new hp laptop with preinstalled vista. i had made partition on HD to make dual boot with xp professional using easybcd, dual booting was runing fine. Now i have formatted the XP professional partition and reinstalled xp professional. using easybcd software i tried to dual boot...