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    URGENT: EasyRE booting to GRUB

    The raid drives show in BIOS and they show as bootable, but obviously do not boot. Completely stuck :/
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    RAID0 Install not showing

    I managed to get EasyRE to load from a USB disk after having issue getting Windows 10 to boot. However the recovery/repair tools included cannot detect my RAID0 SSD drive/s that contain the windows install, so I'm unable to repair the PC in anyway. When I try to load the partition tool...
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    URGENT: EasyRE booting to GRUB

    UPDATE: I got EasyRE to boot, but my RAID0 SSD drives that contain the Windows install do not show up in the software! Help?!
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    URGENT: EasyRE booting to GRUB

    Background: Tried using Windows 10 factory reset to wipe my personal details after selling my laptop, but it froze at 9%. After restarting the computer I couldn't boot to windows, even in safe mode. I get to the MSI logo, then the laptop restarts on a loop. Bought EasyRE in hope of a quick fix...