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    Windows 7 Downgrade issue

    I did use this tool and it give me a product key is this key can be used for activation my windows 8.1 pro however I got this key while using the program you sent by my windows 7 .
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    Windows 7 Downgrade issue

    I have just bought laptop that comes with windows 7 downgraded from pre-installed windows 8.1 pro my question is How can I get the product key of windows 8.1 pro which is located in BIOS of the computer without need of installing window 8.1 ( I mean with my present windows 7 ) ? Thank you
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    Installtion of Windows 8.1 from recovery DVD

    Hi , I have bought new laptop that came with 8.1 pro windows but the actual operating system running now is windows 7 pro Downgraded from Windows 8.1 , I want to install windows 8.1 using the recovery DVD that comes with laptop I followed the instructions that come with the DVD which are ...