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    Ubuntu 9.10 (GRUB2/ext4fs) Support

    I am using the text-based installation CD, which allows one to install GRUB2 to a device. I know my Ubntu partition is sda5, so I guess I'll try that as a target for Grub2 and will report how it goes... Thanks for the pointer! Addendum: Thanks so much - it now works perfectly!
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    Ubuntu 9.10 (GRUB2/ext4fs) Support

    There seem to remain some challenges, perhaps just in deocumentation. When I select GRUB2 there is no way of linking it to the Ubuntu 9.10 install...? As soo as I select it the other options seem to disappear. I can however try to get it done by modifying the other options prior to going...
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    Vista 64 and Ubuntu 64 on mirrored RAID...

    After a long set of trial and error I got this to work. The problem is that I could only get it work by telling the Ubuntu alternate CD installe process to install grub to the MBR (there is no menu option to instal it to the bootrecord, and recommended here). And because of a hitch with Grub...