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    Recovery problem

    I just finished burning the Vista Recovery CD and am attempting to restore this Acer laptop. Bare with me, I'm a rookie here. The computer will boot from the CD and I get the Install Windows window, select language. etc. However the keyboard is not working. I get as far as the System Recovery...
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    acer aspre hhd password

    Do the paid products really work? I looked at the above thread and the process didnt seem to work for the Acer. I was going to pay to unlock the hard drive but it seems its only for PC's not laptops. And can you tell me if the unlock process erases the hard drive completely because I don't...
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    acer aspre hhd password

    Hello! I have an ACER Aspire 5100 running Vista. I am trying to fix a laptop for an elderly gentleman that I work with. I don't know how this happened but at first on power up, it asked for the BIOS password. I was able to get past that using the jumper beneath the memory sticks. Now it is...