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    No Communication for two weeks!

    I had the same experience after submitting my photo so after waiting a week I gave up and got a refund. At least that proves the product/company isn't a scam but it was a shame.
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    Still can't boot to EasyRE for Win10

    Have you tested your laptop bootable options are correct by using another bootable CD or flash drive eg a Windows recovery one?
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    Easy RE fails to load

    Just to add (for anyone that is viewing these forums to work out if this product / company is legit or a scam!) that after a frustrating fortnight and with tech support not being amazingly fast or useful to my particular perculiar case, that I requested a refund last night and got it. So it's...
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    Bottable USB worked then i got this

    That sounds very similar to my recent experience on my non-bootable Windows 10 laptop - the flash drive definitely booted and ran the first menu then lots of Ubuntu commands then it fell over without reaching the second graphical men. I tested the flash drive on another laptop to prove that was...
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    Easy RE fails to load

    I've tried it both ways round. The thing is i believe that's irrelevant - it's definitely booting off the flash drive (as I get to the initial ERE menu (where you can also choose ERE VGA or ERE safe mode) but it's when it's running through its code to get to the ERE main menu is where it fails...
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    Easy RE fails to load

    Yeah I'm hoping someone here has some idea as it's a really strange issue. I know my Windows Recovery flash drive works in my laptop and I know the EasyRE flash drive loads its menu in other laptops, so why not in mine especially as it's just a Dell Latitude - nothing special! Thanks for the...
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    Easy RE fails to load

    I have done several times - they so far just reply by pointing me at the default guides that are of no use eg how to check you're using legacy boot and have safe boot switched off. Meanwhile I have now spent more hours trying to get this software to work than I had done before I bought it using...
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    Easy RE fails to load

    Got a strange one with my Dell Latitude 7350 failing to load EasyRE. I have switched to legacy, switched off secure boot and changed the boot order. The Fat32 formatted USB stick correctly boots the initial GNU GRUB three line menu and I choose Easy Recovery Essentials. Then lots of lines of...