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    windows recovery black screen HELP !

    The recovery disk from neosmart simply restores the boot records so you can boot into a working Windows Vista. It sounds like you’re Windows installation is broken. You need to contact the manufacturer which in this case is HP and see what your options are. You may have a hidden partition on the...
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    how to slipstream windows xp

    How to slipstream windows XP This is a method to slipstream service pack 3 into Windows XP. Steps 1-4: Then because I didn’t have any the paid for burner software I followed the steps below...
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    Install Windows 7 from ISO Boot

    Timeshift, Welcome to the forum. “I tried to install Windows 7 using the ISO Boot from EasyBCD, but I'm having problems:” The ISO file you’re referring to I believe is the Windows 7 repair disk that repairs the boot for Windows seven. It is not that they would actually installing Windows 7...
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    How to dual-boot Ubuntu 10.04 and Fedora 14?

    Perphecto, Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 both use Grub 2 while Fedora 14 users Grub 1. The installation process for Ubuntu 10.X and Fedora 14 are going to be completely different and unrelated except for the fact that they can use the same swapfile at the end of a hard disk. For the Ubuntu 10.04...
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    System Regisrty corrupt

    Do you have any data on the desktop that you need to recover? If not have you tried restoring the system to its original state from the hidden partition by using the procedure below? How do I reinstall the Operating System on my computer?
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    new to easyBCD 2.0.2

    Yes Windows XP with service pack two slipstreamed into it should be fine. No need to download any SATA drivers. Terry, I believe it is service pack one that exceeded the 128 (137GB (48-bit LBA support)” gigabyte barrier. It also is the service pack that adds support for SATA drives. However, a...
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    new to easyBCD 2.0.2

    I think it would be best to reverse the order of the two internal hard disks so that Windows 7 is on hard disk zero. I think if you just swap the two data cables you should be able to accomplish this. I did a test of today with a second hard disk and successfully booted Windows XP on the second...
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    new to easyBCD 2.0.2

    win 7-xp dual boot on two hard disks welcome aboard. Ok, first of all I've read quite a few posts but haven't found some answers yet. I can't get win xp to boot. Its on a separate drive from win 7 which I'm now using. I read about "how to install vista/7 first then xp". I did all that, except...
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    I wanted to create a dual boot win 7 over xp but forgot the last step & lost the xp!!

    “i installed a xp over windows 7” how did you set up your partitions?
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    Windows 7 Blinking Cursor after clean install

    Glad you got the problem solved and thanks for posting back. I saw a suggestion on a somewhat similar thread that looked interesting. I’ve never seen this method of moving Windows 7 from one system to another before but it looks promising. If you need a USB hub I personally own and recommend...
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    The rEFIt Project Addendum: Another thought. You could partition the MacBook and install 10.5 Leopard. Then you can boot into 10 five Leopard and from there you should be able to get Ubuntu to boot off a USB stick.
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    BCD, MacOSX, Win7, Ubuntu

    I’m not sure what Easy BCD can do for you. Perhaps someone else can speak to that issue. But check out the links below. EFI aware bootloader for Linux ELILO: EFI Linux Boot Loader by fleischli
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    Windows 7 Blinking Cursor after clean install

    I would test the Windows 7 install disk again to make sure that it is good. Also did you try setting the BIOS settings to the failsafe settings? Another thing I recommend is to remove the motherboard battery for 30 minutes. That should also reset the BIOS settings. My guess is the problem has...
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    BCD, MacOSX, Win7, Ubuntu

    How To Create A Portable Ubuntu Installation USB On The Mac The link below may help you out. Otherwise you might post this question on the two forums below. Apple nova is a good site for mackintosh type questions and Ubuntu forums is a big site for Ubuntu. How To Create A Portable Ubuntu...
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    Windows 7 Blinking Cursor after clean install

    It looks like the Windows 7 install procedure doesn’t like something about your hardware. Several things come to mind. 1: Have you tried changing your BIOS settings to the failsafe settings? 2: When you installed Windows XP did you do a full format of the entire hard drive? This should check...