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    EasyBCD Error, Multiple Drives

    Why ntldr and boot.ini are C:? Probably,you might move them to D:\.try once.Ok? Are vista and xp on the C:?
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    Can EasyBCD1.52 support 64bit vista?

    First,thanks computer guru answer to my post.And i have another question because i don't have DVD-ROM.So i decide to install 64bit vista from harddisk.What and How do i have to do?----I HOLLER! Thanks.
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    Can EasyBCD1.52 support 64bit vista?

    Hello,everyone.I have installed 32bit vista on my computer.And recently i got 64bit vista and 64bit ubuntu linux.I don't know how can install them on my computer with existing 32bit vista. EasyBCD can do it? How do it? please instruct,thanks a lot.