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    loading easyRE on windows xp

    no worries. thank you for your replies. i will definitely go to the links you have provided. i'm sure i will learn something. thanks and sorry about the confusion. you know how us new guys are. radome
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    The Introduction Thread

    first of all, my apologies to ex-brit. let me intrduce myself, my name is ray. my screen name is radome. i live in destin, fl and have been married to my wift for going on 46 years. i am semi-retired but still do a little admin work at a resort golf course where i have worked for 19 years. i am...
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    loading easyRE on windows xp

    before i had to exclaim to the world how ignorant i am, i finally figured out, with the help of your excellent instructions, how to run easy recovery essentials from a boot cd on my dell inspiron e1705 laptop with windows xp. my problem is solved and it works like a champ. i do have another...