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    Google Color Restricted Search

    Find Images that Contain a Certain Color It still hasnt been implemented into their user interface but you can use the drop down they have in the article to try it out. Here are the results for Orange Sky that I got: Sky - Google Image Search
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    Happy birthday, {Ron!n}!

    Thank You!!!!!
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    Happy birthday, {Ron!n}!

    The guy that wants to stay in office? But that doesnt really explain the Cigarettes and Drinking part. Youd think hed want to kill off the smart generation thats getting rid of him.
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    Happy birthday, {Ron!n}!

    Well since i can get a license now im guessing thats the age. No drinking or voting to judge by so..... ;)
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    Happy birthday, {Ron!n}!

    Thank you very much Coolname :)
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    Computer Gaming

    This is a Far Cry 2 gameplay trailer. If this is how all the game is its shaping up to be really cool: GameSpot Video: Far Cry 2 Deception Walk-Through The cool thing is how they actually look for cover and use it on the way to the wounded guy. I wonder if you actually shot a propane tank in...
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    I'm an idiot.....?

    I doubt youll need a new computer. My experience with this is very limited so you'll have to wait a bit, sorry :( One of the higher tech people will be around.
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    I'm an idiot.....?

    No, youre not an idiot ;) Did you buy the pc from the store directly with Vista installed??? If so its most probably x86 (32) bit. Someone more experienced should be able to give you a more precise answer, just wait a teensy bit and someone should be along :)
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    new thread

    Welcome to Neosmart, Squir :) Just go to EasyBCD Support - The NeoSmart Forums and in the top-left hand corner choose "new thread", it should be on top of "threads in forum".
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    Post postmark

    Do most people come on with more or less the same problems on the Mcaffee forums??
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    I Need My Head Examining

    that watch looks amazing, especially how they fit in all those parts. I wouldnt mind taking it apart. BTW does it run on batteries or on atmospheric pressure like yours??
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    Hey congrats on the job Kahai. :)
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    the hardest essay question ever

    Well comparede to some of the schools here its nothing. There is this one school for princes and rich kids where you have to pay 26,000$ (100,000 riyals) as a deposit before you enter. If you dont ruin anything in the school they give it back to you when you graduate. Then the school fees are...
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    Windows Vista Ultimate License issue

    Im not trying to use the license again im trying to use the ultimate install cd which i ourchased and then register it using the Home Premium license. since i already bought the Ultimate why cant i upgrade??
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    Windows Vista Ultimate License issue

    I recently purchased a Sony Vaio for my dad. However, it came with Windows Home Premium. I already bought Vista Ultimate for another laptop. Can i install Ultimate on the Vaio using the Home Premium Product key and still be able to use both laptops perfectly?? (as in updates and all) Or will...