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    Win 7/XP - Invalid Boot.ini Error

    I've done a search, found a few solutions....but none have worked. 1) Previously used EasyBCD with a Vista64/XP dual boot successfully 2) XP on K drive was not touched 3) Clean install of Win 7 on C drive 4) Installed EasyBCD latest beta build 5) Entry #1 - Windows 7 on C drive was default...
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    Thanks Computer Guru

    Gracias, It was NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM were missing and not in the root directory. Once I added the zip files you have download, XP booted back up.
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    Thanks Computer Guru

    Ok. I goofed..I think. Everything was working fine, until I installed SP2 (my XP copy is old). I installed SP2 and after it asked for a reboot, I went back to Vista and changed the time default from 30 sec, to 15. When I tried to go back to balked. It said I had to repair XP...
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    Thanks Computer Guru

    I read about EasyBCD on another site...and read THEIR directions.... I already had Vista64 working....I created primary partition for XP, named it K drive. After the install, Vista disappeared. I followed their instructions, which did not include going to Boot Manager to restore the Vista...